We are team of design types based in New York City. Our dream is to create beautiful and engaging products for kids and adults alike! While most of wanted nothing to do with this page, there were some who couldn’t wait to have their mug featured on our site. Unsurprisingly, these are also the same people who take at least 8 selfies a day and then think “Others need to see these”. Not that you asked, but here they are:


Cadbu is short for Miss Cadbury, our office mascot—the prissy muted tortoise shell cat, who acts and lives like we work for her. We kinda do! She rules with a fur fist and is pretty neutral and fair except to meetings that involve sushi for lunch. It’s tuna or nothing!! Cadbury’s most known to everyone as she who shredded the sofa in the reception. She’s a ruthless business cat, and always gets her way by looking extra adorable. No one is impervious to her charm. It is said that Cadbury dreamed of the Spoortles after a bag of really good, organic catnip. She is currently seeking professional help.


Hank, the coffee pot, is one of the oldest members of the team. He was a successful Wall St. type and set to conquer the financial world. One day before a Monday status meeting, he let it slip that he had a great time at a Nickelback concert. That was the beginning of the end for Hank. New York City is a very open-minded place, but we do draw the line somewhere, and that line is drawn with a nail on a Nickelback CD. Goes without saying, Hank is not allowed to create any playlists at the office.


Stella, the Ficus, adds that extra layer of calm we all so desperately seek here in the city. Especially, after stepping off the train at Penn Station during rush-hour. Stella comes from Colombia. One fine day she took a red eye from Bogota to JFK and never left. Although we are all blessed to have Stella calm us with her big, bright, green leaves, she herself is very anxious and tired. Stella lives in the West Village over a kosher delicatessen that starts baking their bagels 4:30 AM. She’s on Ambien and has two therapists now—just like a real New Yorker! Unlike Hank, Stella is much beloved by all.


Ricardo, the eraser on the head designer’s desk, is quite possibly the hardest working member of this group. Never has anyone worn themselves so thin trying to erase someone else’s mistakes. Before you go all sappy and start feeling sad for Ricardo, please note: If Ricardo was a real human, he would be the Brooklyn hipster with a full beard and a flannel shirt. He would lecture you about ethically sourced, organic, free trade coffee, his knowledge of IPAs and how vinyl was the only way to listen to music. No one cares for any of that! Don’t feel bad for Ricardo.


So, let’s face it—you like wasting time on the internet. You are waist deep into the ‘about us’ page of an internet company you barely know. Why? The point is that since you’ve wasted so much time you are definitely familiar with New York’s own viral sensation—Pizza Rat and his infamous video. And sure, we all talk about the rat, but what about the slice? Well, that slice is Ricardo. No need to feel bad for Ricardo either. He’s been trying to hawk his side of the story to the media forever. No takers so far. We listened to it; it is weak! We even tried changing the details considerably, but there’s no scenario in which Roberto comes off looking good. Yeah, Roberto doesn’t really work here; we just gave him a building pass so he can visit whenever he wants. It’s just nice when he comes around—makes us feel so much better about our pathetic lives in comparison.

We hope you love our products and characters. Don’t just adore ‘em, buy something! At Cadbu are very conscious of the environment and are trying our hardest to bring you products that are ethical and environmentally friendly. We are working hard to be as carbon neutral as fast as we can. We are not trying to cure cancer, end hunger or bring world peace. We are just hoping to make pretty things for you to enjoy while someone else a lot more qualified qualified deals with all of that. Stay safe and stay weird. Meow!